First morning, what a morning! PGCert ’18 begins…what a drama!

It’s always challenging starting something new..a new job, meeting new people, moving to a new house.

Well today, I have started my PGCert well this morning to be exact and of course everything that can go wrong went wrong..of course. ┬áMy login and password didn’t work, which eventually locked me out, not sure that in the right class.

Whilst i’m having an internal breakdown, my entire team are sailing through typing away writing their new blog posts. I frantically call the IT department desperately seeking temporary solace from the softly spoken adviser on the other end.

The designated tutor did not appear to be overly concerned with my displeased facial appearance and appeared to be reluctant to come to my aid. This was fine, as all strong women of good character and strength, I resolved this tiny hurdle, this being my first ever blog post ironically since I teach on the importance of blogging for the modern PR, i’m typing away and will be noting my journey throughout the course.

Yes, i’m dramatic..I make no apologies for this aspect of my character, as i’m quite entertaining..I promise!

Why have I embarked on this journey? Well for various reasons, I have transitioned from an active Fashion PR professional to academia, I have been teaching in higher education now for two years whilst juggling two small children under the age of 5yrs, so figured its time to get credited for all the hours I have put in. And, lastly, its important that as a young professional woman, that I can inspire my children to constantly move forward, develop self both academically and emotionally and finally to know thy self – thanks Oprah!



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